Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York

A neighborhood is a community of like-minded people. The people may be diverse in race, religion, gender, age and occupation, and they may even disagree on opinions from time to time, but they share in similar cultural values.


Brooklyn’s trendy but practical Park Slope is such a neighborhood. Tree-lined streets and historic brownstones provide the living quarters. Hip young families and young professionals live there, but so too do long term residents, drawn by the green space of Prospect Park, start-up boutiques, casual dining, quality schools, and walk around atmosphere.


Stickley Furniture introduces its new Park Slope collection to reflect the values of the Park Slope neighborhood for which it is named. A combination of Arts & Crafts elements of tapered columns and square spindles with curved elements,  a suggestion of mid-century Scandinavian design, sustainably harvested solid oak or cherry. The sofa envelops you. The bed surrounds you. The furniture is inviting and pleasing to the eye.


Come see the new Park Slope collection at Traditions Furniture in Downtown Overland Park and Kansas City and Traditions Home in Wichita. Visit the Downtown Overland Park neighborhood or the College Hill neighborhood. Great places to dine and shop, and live.

Speak softly, listen often

“Wear your learning like a watch and do not pull it out merely to show you have it. If you are asked the time, tell it, but do not proclaim it hourly unasked.”
The Wit and Wisdom of Lord Chesterfield


Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield (1694 – 1773) was appointed Lord of the Bedchamber to the Prince of Wales, George II; and is known as the man who gave us the Chesterfield sofa.

Speak softly, listen often, for wisdom is an acquired thing.

Though you do not ask, I will give one of the many wise things Lord Chesterfield did, and no more.

Chesterfield’s wisdom

In the 1760s, Chesterfield gave his critique of Greenville’s Stamp Act 1765 passed by the British parliament over the protests of the American colonies. In a letter to the Duke of Newcastle, Chesterfield noted the law’s absurdity both because it could not be properly enforced, but, if effective, the revenue generated would be no more than a tenth of the loss in reduced trade with the American colonies.

More about Chesterfield sofas at Traditions Home

Kansas Red Bud Tree


It’s not Red

North Carolina has its pink and white Dogwood, the Deep South its Magnolias, Washington D.C. its Cherry blossoms, a gift of the Japanese.

God gave Kansas the delightful Red Bud tree. More purple than red, but then Red Bud sounds better. From April to May, pink and purple blossoms sprout on its branches before its leaves, letting us know, winter is over. When settlers came to Kansas in the 1870’s, they added the colorful blossoms to salads because they were high in vitamin C.

It is not our State tree, Oklahoma picked it, and we picked the rugged, fire and drought resistant Cottonwood. The Red Bud is also called the Judas tree because the story is told that Judas Iscariot hanged himself from its low lying branches.

Images of arch stone bridge and Red Bud trees taken near Latham Kansas.



Ugly Sofas

an adorable sofa
an adorable sofa

Ugly Sofa Contest

The above sofa is not ugly, in fact, it is adorable, but we know there are a lot of ugly sofas out there. Some of them are right there in your living room, a hand me down, a relic of a by-gone era; some of them were moved to the family room, the garage or the basement. No doubt that ugly sofa brought you years of comfort.

But now it is time to spruce things up.

Join us for our UGLY SOFA contest and win $2000 towards a new lovely sofa from Traditions Home in Wichita, Kansas.


The rules are simple.

  1. Like us on Facebook @shopTraditions and share with us your UGLY SOFA. We will post the images in the store and let our viewer cringe, gag, laugh, maybe even admire,  the ugliest sofa.
  2. NO photoshop.


No Photoshop

Visit store for complete details.


Life is not always about work, about the store, about shopping and selling, playing it safe, or repeatingly doing and saying, same o’, same o’, as my father would say.

Sometimes, one needs a distraction. I have many. One of these is reading and translating the Japanese haiku of Matsuo Bashō (松尾 芭蕉, 1644–1694). This in turn, occasionally leads me down an unexpected path.


All haiku by definition is simple. The surprise and delight comes in the subtlety of the language. Here is a haiku by Kawai Sora, Bashō’s traveling companion on his famous Journey North in 1689.

Back and forth
Through rows of wheat
A butterfly weaving!

and alternatively,

Weaving back and forth
Through rows of wheat
A butterfly!

繰り返し麦の畝縫ふ 胡蝶哉, Kurikaeshi mugi no une nu kochō kana.

The subtlety of Sora’s writing is expressed in the last Japanese character 哉, which is known as kana. English has no equivalency, but we can express it as a statement of surprise, an exclamation point, or if a word suffices, then Wow!

Learning Japanese is, like Greek, a difficult tongue to master.

I wish it were Stressless…


Park Slope by Stickley


Introducing Park Slope by Stickley

The strikingly modern look of the Park Slope collection results from the harmonious combination Arts & Crafts elements and contemporary Scandinavian style. The Park Slope bed  features tapered columns and square spindles set within a gracefully curved head-rail. The platform base lifts the bed, giving the bed a presence without dominating the room.

The bed is available in solid oak and cherry in all the Stickley hand-rubbed finishes. The style is at home in a Brooklyn Brownstone, a Manhattan apartment, a Craftsman home and anywhere one appreciates Stickley craftsmanship and design.

Available at Stickley dealers nationwide and at Traditions Furniture in Overland Park and Traditions Home in Wichita.

See it Now


Park Slope is named for the trendy New York neighborhood that borders Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Well-known for its tree-lined streets, Brownstone apartments, green space, farmers markets, casual restaurants, public transportation, and top-notch schools, making it the perfect place to raise a family.


The Masters


First played 85 years ago in 1934,* The Masters is the one golf tournament everyone watches. First, because it is the first major of the year, and second, because Tiger Woods made his remarkable comeback after a drought of 11 years.

Congratulations Tiger!

Wasn’t the post game interview a class act? Tiger giving credit to his mom for driving him to tournaments when he was a child in her Dodge Duster. To his mom for always being there. That folks, is being grounded!

I watched The Masters from beginning to end at home. I saw the massive crowds following the favorites from hole to hole. I saw the stands of fans lining the tee-offs and greens. Quiet when it mattered. It looked crowded. I am sure it was fun to be there. Those that have been say it is great.

But for me the best place to watch The Masters is at home and the best seat in the house is Stressless.

Join us at Traditions Home in Wichita and Traditions Furniture in Overland Park for our Stressless Spring Promotion. Reminder, Mother’s Day is coming soon.

Until May 29 only, take $500 off a Signature base recliner and ottoman or a LegComfort™ recliner. Or, take home a FREE accessory when you buy Stressless seating.

Traditions Home


* 1934, the same year Ekornes and Stressless were founded in Norway.