Let’s go fly a plane

Oh, oh, oh!
Let’s go fly a kite
Up to the highest height!…
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear…

Mr. Banks sings in Mary Poppins

Clear blue skies, few trees, level fields and plenty of room to land, all made for a great place to fly a plane. Add to this, the can do attitude of a few geniuses and you have the makings of airplane history. And the makings of Wichita as the Air Capital of the World.




It all began back in 1916 when Clyde Cessna moved his airplane manufacturing business from his farm in Kingman County to an auto factory in north Wichita. He was quickly followed by other magnificent men like Lloyd Stearman, Walter Beech, E.M. Laird, J.M. Mollendick and George Weaver, those magnificient men who were responsible for starting the aircraft industry and winning a war, if you consider, and we proudly do, Boeing’s contribution to World War II.




Wichita is a great place to fly a plane.

Boeing’s major manufacturing plants may be gone. Still we make great planes here in Wichita at companies which include: Cessna Aircraft Company, Spirit Aerosystems Inc, Hawker Beechcraft Corporation, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems Wichita, and Bombardier Learjet, and even an engineering component of Airbus.



So today, when you fly a plane, it probably has something to do with Wichita. We have the planes and parts so that, in you mind, you can say, “Let’s go fly a plane.”






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