first kiss

“Our first kiss was a gentle touch, a caress with the lips lasting an instant, a moment of bliss.

At the first kiss I felt something change inside me in a wonderful way. All my dreams and secrets that slept deep within me awoke and revealed. In this moment of ecstasy everything was transformed and enchanted, everything made sense, then and forevermore.

I know that we don’t look like much now. Old and grey, there is little of the sparkle in our eyes left. Oh, time is a merciless thief. It steals much, but not the memory. That it can’t take. Even now years later when we kiss goodnight, I can remember back to that first kiss and I am reborn.

I hope that heaven will be like the first kiss.”


Sid Dickens memory blocks

[Sid Dickens memory blocks, a story in every tile – What’s yours?]








Author: traditionshome

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