Hold your horses

There are teaching moments in everyone’s life.

hold your horses

Fresh back from the Atlanta and Dallas Markets, we have time to reflect on all the great things we bought for spring.

And all the things we didn’t.

“Hold your horses” – a phrase that comes to mind when I am about to buy something but don’t.

The phrase comes from times when people rode the stagecoach, when ma and pa used a wagons to get to town, when courting meant going for a buggy ride.

It took on added importance when the new-fangled automobile shared the road with the horse and buggy. Mark Twain used it from time to time, and one can imagine Will Rogers throwing a “hold your horses” into his comedy routine while he was spinning the lariat.
A horse was a slower way of gettin’ about than an automobile, but it was a mite bit quicker than walking. Now, hold your horses, I am gettin’ to the point, I just happen to be takin’ the long way about.

If you were in a hurry or a new-fangled automobile was sputting by, a driver needed to keep them horses under control. Literally, one need to hold the horses and keep them from running. It is akin to, but opposite of saying I am “off to the races.”

It is suggestion of caution, like be cool, chill, relax.

Today, it’s a colorful way of saying “slow down” or “stop” when somebody is too hasty and a wiser person says “Hold your horses!” in the hopes of making them stop and think.



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