The Parsons table

Guess who is coming to dinner?

the Parsons table by Nichols & Stone


When Geoffrey Chaucer’s Host turns to the Parson in the Canterbury Tales and says, you’re last to tell your story, the Parson answers right away:

“You won’t get any fable told by me …
And such wretchedness.
… Trust me well, I am a Southern man:
Romances I can’t tell, no ‘rum, ram, ruff,’
And rhyme, I hold, is hardly better stuff.
So if you please–I won’t gloss words, God knows–
I’ll tell for you a merry tale in prose
To knit up this whole fest, make end of it.
And Jesus, by his grace, send me the wit
To show you, while on this trip we engage,
The way of that most glorious pilgrimage
Called heavenly Jerusalem. …
Ahead now with my tale, for which I pray
For your assent. No better can I say.”

For any guest, the Parsons dining table sets the stage for the telling of a tale. Choose  a black stone or white stone or solid cherry top. For a comfortable seat, add Nichols & Stone’s Carmel upholstered chairs and as a server, the Wellfleet sideboard.
It is an evening of conversation that stretches long into the night. Why not be comfortable and relaxed and may good fortune you befall.




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