Daphne flees, Apollo pursues

The pessimist flees the wind; the optimist hopes for change; the poet spreads his wings.

The wind, for whatever reason, reminds me of the story of the water nymph Daphne and the god Apollo. The story goes something like this.

One windy day when Cupid was having trouble with his bow, Apollo teases him about his archery, saying, “You have not the eye that I have. And certainly not the skill to hit the mark.”

Cupid seeks revenge and the little winged god of desire fires off two arrows. One arrow tipped with gold to make one fall in love. The other with lead and makes them flee from love. Cupid strikes Apollo with the gold and shoots the nymph Daphne with the lead. Instantly, Apollo falls in love with Daphne, but she finds Apollo revolting. He pursues, she flees calling on her father Peneus, a river god for help. Peneus does what he can – he turns his lovely daughter into a tree, encased in bark, feet rooted to the earth.

Daphne, Apollo’s love becomes a laurel tree. In remembrance of his loss, Apollo chooses the laurel to commemorate the victors of athletic challenges and poets.

Daphne, Sid Dickens memory tile

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