Kansas Weather

Okay, from where I am sitting, it is gray and rainy, the weather is cool, the skies are cloudy. It has been that way for a week here in Kansas and will likely remain so for another week.

For Kansas, this is other worldly, Irish maybe, Seattle like, certainly more akin to the rainy, foggy Northwest, maybe Scandinavian gloom, where summer hath too short a stay.

No Camelot, Kansas is known as hot, dry, windy, and droughty, a word we don’t hear too much today.

Ah, but the rain has colored the Flint Hills an emerald green, the prairie flowers of May are in bloom, the Indigo and phlox purple, the tiny thin Spiderwort blue, the Wild Prairie Rose pink, the Mallow, yellow, white, and pink, the Iris, appears yellow along the river banks, and purple in my yard.

Ah, but the loveliest flower of all is the Peony, dressed in pretty pink as if for a party.

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