Surrealism in Propac Art

True art is a mere shadow of divine perfection. Michelangelo



Worldly displacement and isolation are themes of Huynh Duy’s fanciful artwork. Surreal characters maintain a serene, precarious and solitary balance, in a dreamlike setting. The artist explores the boundaries of motion in a surreal environment, tempered by emotion, portraying not just the beauty of the human form, but the triumph of its spirit.

Art as an illusion is the highest expression of the divinely human spirit.


Vietnamese born, now based in North Carolina, Huynh Duy’s symbolism and wordplay is both humorous and introspective allowing the viewer to create their own storyline.


Turkey in a Cooker

e200_rightThank goodness Thanksgiving is over, the leftovers eaten, and life is back to normal.

Oh dear, did we just experience Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday? Has your holiday shopping begun?

I had hoped to travel to Dallas and join my siblings and their families for an extended Thanksgiving. But, things did not work out, and so my Thanksgiving was a small affair here at home. Nice, but Thanksgiving is not the same without brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, Southern cousins, and kids galore.

It’s quiet.

I missed out on the turkey prepared on the grill in a slow cooker. My brother-in-law, Bob, always cooks his turkey on the grill, real slow. He says his mom cooked it that way when he was growing up.

The turkey always turns out moist and tasty.

I won’t bore you with his recipe. You can find one online. But I will tell you about the experience. Mind you, I don’t chop the vegetables, prepare the bird, or do anything that would suggest that I am a cook. I am an eater, that is my job, and I take it seriously with multiple helpings of everything.

During the preparation, I move back and forth between the football games and the grill and catch up on old times, smelling the rich aroma of the steaming bird, making do on an olive and a celery stick.

The anticipation for next year’s bird is killing me.

Here’s hoping your Thanksgiving was wonderful.


Let it Snow

gondola run chandler 4 corners throw pillow

The conditions report at Killington Mountain in Vermont today reads:

“5:08 pm 11/16/17–Weather conditions were a little wet today, but it wasn’t all bad – we did notch another inch of snow for the season total. With warm air lingering all day, the snow-makers enjoyed a few hours of downtime before returning to work again tonight.”

There are two lifts and 3 miles of skiing.

Back at the lodge, it is a hot toddy and fire to warm the cold wet toes. Even those who aren’t skiing yet are reminded of what lies ahead.

Chandler 4 Corners and Laura Megroz produced a whimsical series of hooked wool throw pillows with a ski motif. Pick you favorite:

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Let’s have some fun


It is no secret, I enjoy being alone – skiing alone hell bent, or hiking alone in the forest taking my time, walking along the beach watching the waves wash the sand, going to movies alone, well, not that.

Do not get me wrong, I like sharing my life with my wife and friends, but sometimes they can’t keep up.


I like fun. How about you?

Chandler 4 Corners hooked wool throw pillows are made for fun, a decorative accent for a chair, sofa or bed. Order online and we will ship it free within the continental US.

How to prepare for the holidays

Our number one tip on how to prepare for the holidays is simple:

Less stress, more Stressless.

The Stressless Legend has unique cushioning that embraces and supports your body smoothly as you sit and stretch after a hard day at the office, watching the kids, shopping, or all three. The sofa is available in highback or low back as a three seat, two seat, and single seat. Add the Legend sector between chairs to create the layout that works for your home theater.

stressless on a dessert isle