Flame Wave

How far that little candle throws its beams,
shines a good deed in a naughty world.”
Portia, Act 5, Scene 1, The Merchant of Venice,
William Shakespeare.

FLAME LOGO on black

Flame Wave Modules and Hurricane Lamps

Patience is rewarded. Now available the flame wave module at Homefurnishers.com, the online shopping site for Traditions.

New to Homefurnishers and in time for the Holidays, the lifelike glowing wave flame module with its patented technology and 100 LED lights simulates the movement of a real fire.




No white after Labor Day?


Should we blame Daisy Buchanan, that paragon of perfection, and those Long Island snobs for the rule, no white after Labor Day?

Perhaps, but who cares nowadays. White is always in fashion.

After all, white never clashes, it is more minimal, It is bright, which makes it right any time of the year. I am thinking a snowy white Christmas, aren’t you?

Now, add a splash of color as the seasons change and you are there.

The manners bible, Emily Post’s Etiquette, 17th Edition, 2004 gave the go-ahead for white after Labor Day, but we didn’t really need to wait for permission to do what is right, did we?

White comes in hundreds of shades and textures, making it versatile in design.


Pasadena Bungalow

Say the word “bungalow” and the image of a one-story cottage or cabin comes to mind, and the 20th century idea of affordable housing for the working class.

It was a place just for you and me with a front porch and swing. Gustav Stickley was one of its proponents. His magazine The Craftsman featured actual construction plans for homes that would accommodate the working laborer. These homes can be found throughout the Midwest and West in neighborhoods built after each of the two major world wars.

Practical and beautiful, they are being lovingly restored.

Small is nice. However, one can see in the February 1902 issue of The Craftsman, in an article called “Planning of the Home” by Irene Sargent and the accompanying two-story house design by Henry Wilkinson, that Gustav Stickley already had his eye on larger homes and richer homeowners.

Home design by Henry Wilkinson, 1902


Now say, “Pasadena Bungalow” and what comes to mind are the Greene and Greene masterpieces of American Arts & Crafts design. Two of these homes, the Blacker and Gamble houses were built in the exclusive Oak Knoll neighborhood of Pasadena. A third, the Thorsen home was built in Berkley.

Blacker House, Pasadena

By anyone’s definition, these homes were opulent. The Blacker home for instance, was built in 1907 at a cost of $100,000, almost $3,000,000 in today’s dollars. In the Greene brothers’ design one sees the lofty ambitions of a Swiss chalet, or the low hanging roof and support beams of a Japanese pagoda.

Living along the west coast with its rich traditions of native woods, the Greene brothers incorporated exotic woods in their construction – imported mahogany and teak, and native Lawson cypress and redwood. The Greene brothers were also not shy about designing the interior furnishings of their homes. Not only did they furnish the paneling and wainscoting, stair railings and posts, but also the dining room tables at which the homeowners sat with family and friends.


These pieces are lovingly recreated by Stickley in its Pasadena Bungalow collection. Discover the beauty of the round Thorsen dining table and the modern lines of the Oak Knoll rectangle table. Sit on the recreated Blacker chair or the East Colorado. There are many pieces to choose form.

Oak Knoll table and Blacker chairs

Available at Traditions Home in Wichita and Traditions Furniture in Overland Park.

Stickley May Sale

Last chance to buy Stickley at 2016 prices

From living room to dining room to bedroom, this is the last chance to buy all the quality furniture that Stickley makes at 2016 prices. You thought that Stickley was known for Mission and the world famous Gustav Stickley inspired Morris chair.

It is. But Stickley also manufactures quality sofas and occasional chairs in dozens of styles that are made to order.

Stickley Selectionals

Pick an arm, choose a back, then add a base style to get a look that you like. Stickley Selectionals makes it easy. Arm styles include Pleated, Rolled, English, Track, Sock, Traditional and Club. For detail, add nail-head or not. There are three ways to finish the back. Then select a base that is skirted or exposed with block or bun foot.

Selectionals makes it easy. And now is your last chance to order at 2016 prices.

Stickley 200 Series Sofa

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It’s spring, let’s rock!

“It’s spring, let’s rock!”

An off hand remark I imagine Charles and Henry Green might have jokingly said from the porch of their Bungalow home in Pasadena, California.



Greene and Greene architects

Charles and Henry Greene were brothers, born in Ohio, raised in West Virginia, who studied architecture in St. Louis and Boston, then in 1893 followed Horace Greeley’s advice and headed west to the small town of Pasadena, California.

The architecture firm of Greene & Greene was born. Between 1907 and 1909, their flair for American Arts & Crafts design would reach its zenith  with the construction of the “ultimate bungalows” — one of which is the Gamble House in Pasadena.

Available at Traditions Furniture in Wichita and Overland Park.