The most valuable jewels

“Not on one strand are all life’s jewels strung,” says William Morris.


Quoizel chandelier


Men and women have adorned themselves with jewelry throughout history, but why?

It serves no immediate purpose. No one is made stronger or more healthy by the use of jewelry. It does not serve to protect us from the weather. Its value lies not in practical things, but in the esoteric.

Stones that glitter are attractive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a beautiful necklace, bracelet, or set of earrings will attract our attention to the wearer. One sees something extraordinary. One becomes beautiful by association.

Jewelry also becomes a status symbol. Precious stones are rare. They are reserved for the rich and powerful who can afford the price of purchase.

Lastly, let us not forget that jewels are powerful symbols. Gems are both brilliant and long lasting. Diamonds are forever, and hopefully so is the love a diamond is given in token of. Consider the Crown Jewels which are synonymous with the power and dignity of the British Royal Family.

A gem is fine, but nothing compares to the value of the love and friendship that is behind the stone. William Morris is right, look not to the wealth of the jewel. Look instead to the love of two people for each other.

This bond is unbreakable.


it is nice to lead

“It is nice to lead, but once in a while it is good to look over your shoulder.”
– the artful designer


The superlatively funny Lily Tomlin knew that life could sometimes be a rat race. “The trouble,” she said, “is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” And this is why at Traditions Furniture we believe good design sometimes means going it alone – take a seat,  relax and watch everyone frantically chasing each other.

Traditions carries the finest in sofas and chairs from Stickley, Vanguard, Sherrill, and Century – the best that America has to offer. You can rest assured that we carry the finest and softest fabrics in the industry and our designs are always fresh, but beauty is more than a cover? Long lasting comfort means kiln-dried, hardwood frames with mitered joints and the eight-way hand-knotted springs.



This is why in a fashion driven world we can relax and look over our shoulder.


Traditions Furniture in Downtown Overland Park is located in the Strang Carbarn. In Wichita, Traditions Home is located in the Douglas Design District at Douglas and Hillside. Our staff is friendly, our prices are affordable, our design is complementary.