Smile to live longer, feel better


Smiles – not only the longest word in the English language, the most powerful, because a “mile” stretches out between the two “Ss”.

The Irish say, when Irish eyes are smiling the whole world smiles with you. They know there is a power in a smile. Smiling lowers the heart rate and reduces blood pressure, erases your worries while relaxing your body. In short, smiling makes you and those around you feel better.

Now, isn’t that nice.

Falling in Love again

Fall is upon us, the leaves are turning golden, and the weather is cooler. What a great reason for smiling.

Traditions Furniture has stores in Overland Park and Wichita featuring Stickley, Sherrill, Vanguard, Century, Theodore Alexander, Wesley Allen, Gat Creek, Nichols and Stone; all the best to steal your heart away.

Another great reason to smile.

The Perfect Vacation

Imagine the perfect vacation…
You’ll find it’s Stressless
Made in Ikornnes, Norway

Ikornnes, Norway

Better than Perfect

Right now, if you show a simple act of kindness and give a donation of $50 or more to charity, and we’ll give you $400 off Stressless Mayfair recliners in all Paloma leather colors, or $300 off most Stressless recliners and ottomans, including Stressless recliners with Power and Stressless office chairs.

Tell your friends…

Hanging on, Hanging in

There is a world of difference between hanging on and hanging in. Hanging on means to wait for a short while, as things are going to changed. Hanging in there means keep trying to do something and not to give up even though it might be difficult. Hang in there as you never know what is achievable.

A tree clinging to a rock in a storm may be hanging on for dear life. In the early morning fog it is hanging on, uncertain of what the day will bring, knowing that life is often precarious.

Take joy in the moment. Above all, stay Stressless. Be kind and Save on Stressless.


A Man’s Home is His Castle


A man’s home is his castle, a woman’s too. Keep in mind Queen Elizabeth II owns Windsor Castle and Balmoral too, and I won’t even get into her many palaces and country estates.

A home can be as simple as a one room flat, a cottage by the lake, a cabin in the mountains. All one needs is a bed, a stove, and a place to sit, and plenty of love. Home, as Robert Frost says, is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.

There is an old saying that one should leave one’s work at the office and one’s worries and cares at the door. A home should be Stressless.

Be kind, always be kind, and humble, as Tim McGraw says.

This month give $50 to charity, save on Stressless, and leave your worries at the door.

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