Stressless Stories


The White House

The traveler caught a glimpse of the white house outside the bus window. It was just a momentary glimpse and he would not have remembered the moment or the house had he not taken a picture.

What was it about the white house?

Strange, the traveler thought, it was a farmhouse without crops or animals. Perhaps it was the ordinariness, a plain white box look, symmetrical but for the front door, that revealed nothing of the personalities of those who lived there. The bus was on its way from the western coast of Norway, from Ålesund to world-famous Geiranger with a stop in Ikornnes. If you are counting in kilometers, it is around 120 km passing through and over three distinctive fjords, watching all the while spectacular landscape unlike anything the traveler was familiar with. The roads were two lane, adequate for the summer traffic, and winding, as they make their way along the waterway with a ferry or two to cross to the other side of a fjord.

It was not unlike the farm houses in Maine, where the traveler had been the summer before. Nor was it unlike the mountain cabins in Montana where private people went to get away from the city. To the traveler, the White House would forever remain a mystery like so many places.

The traveler put down his camera and continued to watch the scenery roll by. The traveler was looking forward to Geiranger, the waterfalls, the hiking trails and people.


My Home says Family

Welcome Home

My home says family, it says strength, it says welcome.

When you walk into a Stickley home you instantly feel welcome. And it’s not just because you enjoy the company or admire the decor – though both help. There’s more. The space feels honest and simple, the wood rich and natural, the fabric soft and beautiful, built to last, a genuine reflection of the person or family who lives there.

Traditions Furniture in neighborhoods much like yours, Downtown Overland Park and Wichita.

Stickley, Made for Life

birds nest

Mind What Matters

Well gentle reader, did you know the grey hair and wrinkles quicken when you experience stress? Seriously now, gentle reader, if you’re tired or wired, mind what matters, watch the quick video, and take note of a simple way to stress less:

Get Stressless

PS, save $500 off msrp of a Stressless Wing in any base (Classic, Signature or Leg Comfort) and an Oslo/Manhattan sofa or loveseat in any Paloma or Pioneer leather.

music credit – one with the ocean by markvard

Make it Easy

Easy Peasy

I have always been impressed with athletes who make the most difficult moves look easy. It is an art learned after years of practice and trial and error. Once learned never forgotten.

Stressless sofas and recliners have perfected the art of comfort. Once experienced never forgotten. One of the patented Stressless features is Balance Adapt. Balance Adapt is unique because it gives you a sense of buoyancy while you are reclining and almost feels as if you are spinning and floating in air. Since it responds to your body, if you don’t want to rock you don’t have to and the recliner or sofa will hold you stable.

Get Stressless

Relax and Win

Since I have your attention for the moment let me recommend Bud Winter’s book Relax and Win, an oldie but goodie first published in 1981.  The book relies on the US Navy’s classified WWII program to train fighter pilots to relax and to be more efficient.

Bud Winter reveals his secrets that helped his track stars at San Jose State College sprint through the intensity and pressure of high-level Olympic competition making it easy to break 37 world records. Bud applies these methods to life and tells you how to turn your most stressful situations into moments of peak performance.

You too can experience peak performance of comfort in a Stressless sofa or recliner. Just relax and experience the ultimate in comfort.


Stressless is…


Words can’t describe the feeling of sitting in a Stressless recliner, so here goes…

Best not to sweat the stress, it can wear you down, even kill you. What is it? “The heartache and the thousand natural shocks that the flesh is heir to,” as Hamlet said. Stress is what makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress is what is beyond your control. Think serenity prayer. Think happy place.

What we can control is where we sit and what we think.

Get Stressless

Neither Science Fiction nor Fantasy

“Fantasies are things that can’t happen, and science fiction is about things that can happen.”

Ray Bradbury

Imagination 2019

It was a moonlit night and the stars were out. There I was stresslessly listening, just imagining what might have been. The song was by Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgane, an acoustic version, guitar and vocals, pure and simple. The lyrics were mesmerizing, the harmonies heavenly…

“I was looking for a change of scene, you were looking at a magazine.”

Then my own memories intervene. And somewhere between here and there, somewhere we have never been, you just eighteen, me in my worn out jeans, I was wishing that life wasn’t so much like a pinball machine…

The future is here and the good news is, it is Stressless.

Imagine chair and sofa technology that is so advanced as to be ahead of its time. Technology that incorporates patented features that go beyond description to a feeling, the ultimate in comfort. Understanding the science of comfort and movement fueled the innovative spirit at Stressless and encouraged a desire to design the most comfortable, unique furniture in or out of this world.

The result is a perfect combination of functionality and design with instant comfort. Neither fantasy nor science fiction but real.

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