50,000 Shades of Gray


Some see the world as black and white, strong and weak, right and wrong. We, at Traditions Home see the world as 50,000 shades of gray and more. Your home reflects your unique tastes, your experiences, the tastes of your friends and family who gather to share moments and memories.

Or the world is a rainbow of colors. Either way, let the interior designers at Traditions Home in Wichita and at Traditions Furniture in Overland Park help you make your happy home.

Make the experience Stressless.


San Miguel

Just before the sun went down,
When the sun burned brightest,
I was drinking my favorite Spanish wine
Composing a whimsical line or two,
Dreaming of a change of scene,
Of a hill in Spain called San Miguel
Where couples gather in sadness and sorrow
To say goodbye to another day,
And hope for a better tomorrow

Stressless aha moment #74


Where to go

Visit the Alhamabra for sure, but just before the sun goes down, head to Granada’s northeastern hills, and visit the tiny Ermita de San Miguel Alto (Hermitage of San Miguel), known for its sweeping views of city, the winding streets of the Albaicín neighborhood, the ancient Alhambra fortress, and beyond to the distant and often-snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains.

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Arriba, abajo, al centro y adentro! 

Glasses up, glasses down, to the front and bottoms up!



Hyttefadet Restaurant, Copenhagen
Hyttefadet Restaurant, Copenhagen

Entomology versus Etymology

Language bugs me. It always has. That’s why I know “etymology” is the study of language and not bugs.

Language is an imperfect thing, especially if it is not yours. Take the word “hyttefadet” for example. It is Danish, and if you google search the word, you will be directed to a restaurant in Copenhagen’s Nyhaven district. The reviews are generally favorable, no restaurant is perfect, though the location is, and the price bearable for a ringside seat to the comings and goings along Copenhagen’s Nyhaven Canal.

Some guess that “hyttefadet” is akin to a kettle of fish, some speculate it means live well. Both are wrong. It means cabin food, as in the type of fare one serves the captain on a ship. Hytte has the literal meaning of cabin or hut. If one sounds it out in Danish, it sounds like the English word hut, spoken by an owl that stresses the whoo, then ads a t, plus a soft a sound. Fadet, literally dish, seems to have no English equivalent.

Thus, though the Danes, the Angles, and Saxons came to the British Isles once the Romans left, and off and on again for several centuries thereafter, fadet did not make the cut when Chaucer began the slow process of creating the English language.

Traust me,” Chaucer might have said, “it may synes oddi at first, vi er still very líkligr to use the samme words as those Danish Vikings did.”


We have enough English equivalents for meal, do we not?

Meal, dinner, feast, snack, repast, grub, mess, feed, and on and on. We even have “fare” which sounds close, but not quite. This outlier probably came into English usage as food that was part of the fare a paying customer got on his or her journey.

Aase backwards

As to how live well got in the mix, who knows. You can find almost anything on the internet. As for me, I live at home, I spend my time in a Stressless recliner and I drink Aase beer, but that is another story.

aase-beer-3828_Playful#31-aase-2 (2)

Falling in love again

The year is winding down, the morning air is cool and crisp, the coffee warm against my hands, the leaves, golden, brown and red, are falling again; funny how thoughts waft into your head – Marlene Dietrich’s Falling in Love Again, Yves Montand’s Falling Leaves, Frank Sinatra, It Was A Very Good Year, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Memories, Kurt Weill and Max Anderson’s September Song, and on and on…

Falling in love again with Stressless


Stickley Fall Sale

The leaves are falling,
the year is winding down,
but our Fall Sale is just getting started.

Stickley Furniture

Today, as I sat on a bench by a pond,
I saw a spotted bass jump and heard a splash
The poet would say,
The sound of water
I saw golden leaves dropping from the trees
Then stillness;
When no wind stirred the air,
They fell, like feathers from a phoenix
Who knew the the year was winding down
And that beauty once found, quickly fades
Like leaves falling at my feet.

* Inspired by “The Falling Leaves,” Poems by Margaret Postgate Cole, page 34, November 1915.

Where Am I?


The last best place in America

Where am I?

The air is clear, the sky blue and the sun is bright. In summer everyone spends time outdoors, headed to the snow dusted mountains, boating and fishing on crystal clear lakes and trout full rivers, or just riding about on motorcycles taking in this state’s wildlife and abundant natural beauty.

This state’s cattle ranchers build fences, but they are wildlife friendly, allowing migrating elk and deer passage along traditional routes. Techniques include: keeping gates open temporarily, swapping out the top and bottom barbed wires with smooth wire, lowering the top wire, and raising the bottom wire to allow the young to crawl under.

The state’s trademarked moniker is “the last best place.” Escalating property values and “out of towners” threaten that. Still, they know how to get Stressless.


Dana Carvey was born here on June 2, 1955.

To ride a motorcycle you must have a driver’s license and pay the required fee of 50 cents.

It is illegal to keep sheep in the cab of your truck without a chaperone.

It is illegal for married women to fish alone on Sundays, and illegal for unmarried women to fish alone at all.

Those born in this state pronounce Creeks “crick,” but less than half of the state is born here.

“Spendy” means “expensive,” the way the rest of us mean “pricey.”

In 1884, local citizens fed up with lawlessness formed a vigilante force, rounded up thirty-five horse and cattle thieves, and summarily hung them by their necks until dead.

The largest snowflake seen fell here on January 28, 1887 measuring darn near 15 inches. A cattle rancher called them “larger than milk pans”.

The world record for the greatest temperature change in 24 hours in one US state occurred on January 14-15, 1972, when the temperature went from -54°F to 49°F, a whopping 103 degree difference.

Glacier National Park

This state is home to one of America’s favorite national parks. Glacier National Park boasts over a million acres of awe-inspiring wilderness, so big the beauty spills over into Canada.

Get Stressless

Stressless recliners Montana

Source of most of the trivia clues


Make it Easy


There is a constant debate with couch potatoes questioning whether it is easy to do a hand spin, make a hole in one, put a basketball through the hoop from half court. Some people make things look easy. But they do it with years of practice.

Take it easy, make it easy, get Stressless.

Relaxing the Stressless way is always easy. Stressless’ patented technology provides proper head and lumbar support first time, every time, naturally.

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