Do I Have to Draw You a Picture

Ikornnes, Norway

Do I have to draw you a picture?

If I were speaking a foreign language I could understand — you don’t get it. But then, not everything translates. Jokes for instance. Or love, but love is its own language. So, too, the experience of sitting in a Stressless sofa or recliner, the ultimate in comfort.

Experience it, you’ll love it.

“Do I have to draw you a picture?”

It is my puzzled response to those who do not understand the extraordinary comfort of Stressless sofas and recliners. Designed in Scandinavia (Ikornness, Norway) and chock full of patented technology that is too hard to explain.

Trust me. No, don’t trust me. Try sitting in the Stressless Emily sofa right now. At Traditions Furniture in Downtown Overland Park, and in Wichita, and at other fine Stressless retailers from sea to shining sea.

More idioms when you don’t get the picture.

  1. Are you really that clueless?
  2. What planet have you been living on?
  3. Adrift on a raft in a fog in the endless sea?
  4. You are walking on a deck as thick as two short planks.
  5. Are we one sandwich short of a picnic?

Stressless, experience it to know it

Planning your next vacation

Joten Heim

This couple is planning their next vacation to Joten Heim.

Norwegians know it as Jötunheim, one of the Nine Realms of the World Tree, home of the ancient race of Giants, the Jötunn, of Mimir, and the well of wisdom, of Loki, the shape shifter and trickster, of Thrym, who stole Thor’s magic hammer Mjölnir. It is a frozen place of deep dark forests and jagged mountain peaks covered in ice. The giants who live there are of two kind, the rock giants and frost giants, for the fire giants live in Muspelheim.

Joten Heim possesses several strongholds including Utgard-Loki, which is made of snow blocks and icicles so big you cannot see the top. If you go there, you’ll find that nothing is as it appears, that it is impossible to distinguish between dreams and reality.

If you want directions, all we can say is that it is near Asgard and Midgard, and beyond the realm of order, a primordial place of chaos, magic, and untamed wilderness, and not on a map.

If you are planning your next vacation, we suggest that you make it Stressless.

Together Again

Memories made together last a lifetime. #stressless #traditionsfurniture

I am curious, distracted, forgetful, lose my phone and my glasses when I go out to eat. Evenings I like to be tipsy by six. I read Horace and Seneca and can quote Shakespeare by heart, but find Milton a bore. I miss my wife, until, we are together again. I refuse to hang up my coat. I throw clothes in my closet til they make a big pile. I don’t always answer my phone. I blame others when something goes wrong and snore when I drink. I dream often, that is, when I find time to sleep; rise early, and watch the sun rise, and remember the good times and sad. I drink coffee, but that makes me pee. I pick the weeds from my grass, mow the yard, rake the leaves into neat little piles.

Does that make me a little OCD?

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The Perfect Vacation

Imagine the perfect vacation…
You’ll find it’s Stressless
Made in Ikornnes, Norway

Ikornnes, Norway

Better than Perfect

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Stress Less Vacations

Alesund, Norway

We now offer Stressless vacations. These vacations are available world-wide and right now some of the favorite spots are right here in the good ole USA. That is not to say that traditional spots like Italy, France, and Norway will not come back to us. It is just that Americans feel a little safer right here at home.

And, as Dorothy, the little girl from Kansas who loved to travel, said, “There is no place like home.” Home in a Stressless recliner remembering those wonderful trips, like this one to Alesund, Norway, at the entrance to the Geirangerfjord, and the gateway to Ikornnes where Stressless recliners are made.

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Alesund, Norway

Okay, you are locked away at home, hopefully, you are working remotely, and everyone is well.  It is May, the sun is shining, the weather is warm, and you are itching to travel, but not quite ready to go.

Alesund, Norway
Ålesund , Norway

It is time to go virtual traveling. It is not a new thing. We’ve been traveling virtually for centuries. Homer’s Odyssey, told around table with a cup of wine was the first virtual story. That is unless you count the hand paintings on the walls of the caves of Lascaux, in Dordogne, France. Today, hunters are still telling stories of getting up before dawn to tramp the fields for birds. Storytelling, like hunting, is in our DNA.

The Egyptians with their cuneiform told pictorial stories, and the Phoenicians and Greeks turned symbols into letters and a whole new way of telling a story. Modern inventions helped us visualize what was written. Photographs and postcards gave us a picture, and stereoscopes made those pictures 3D.

Movies made them move.

There is nothing new under the sun. The whole point of going back to Homer’s Greece and to the French Caves of Lascaux is to remind us that, we are at our very core storytellers. We like to remember. Happiness and sadness, comedy and tragedy – we learn, we enjoy, we remember.

I remember Ålesund , Norway.

If you are lucky enough to travel to Norway, do it in the summer. The days are long, the nights short, the weather is sunny and spectacular. If you go, you are likely to land in Oslo the capital. But if you want to see Norway, travel north to the fjords of the western coast. And that will take you to Ålesund , the gateway to the fjords.

Enough with the story telling. The guy at the front of the tour bus eventually needs to shut up and let the tour group gawk and the beautiful scenery. What we all want to do is to see. Here is a smattering of what I saw:

Visit Ikornness, Norway

While in Alesund, don’t forget to take a boat trip up the fjord to Ikornnes, where Stressless recliners are made.

 Visit Traditions Home and discover Stressless

If you are in Wichita or Overland Park, visit Traditions Home and Traditions Furniture to discover the Stressless sensation.


Scandinavian Design

While we are sitting at home passing time, let’s pick up a travel book and take a trip to Scandinavia.

What is Scandinavia?

Scandinavia is comprised of three Northern European countries: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Maybe the question should be where is Scandinavia? Technically it should stretch from Sweden all the way west to Greenland which is part of Denmark. But geographically we only think of the European countries and not their off-shoots. Besides that, Norway has remote Bouvet Island half way between Africa and Antarctica, and no one thinks of that.

When we think of Scandinavia, Norwegian fjords and mountains and ocean come to mind. But there is much more. The flat, low areas in Denmark, and the archipelagos of small islands along the coast and in between Denmark and Sweden and Norway.

Stressless E200 sofa and Jazz recliner

Scandinavia does not include Finland or Iceland, because the Finns do their own thing and Finland is separated from the Scandinavian Peninsula by the Gulf of Bothnia.  Iceland was settled 1100 years ago by intrepid Vikings, and keeps its unique cultural identity. Denmark is technically not a part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, but the Danes, Swedes, and Norwegians have been tossing land back and forth for millennia.


Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design is marked by its focus on clean, simple lines, minimalism and functionality are hallmarks of construction. The beauty is in its use of natural elements like leather and wood.

It came to prominence in the 1950s, around the same time as Mid-Century Modern captured the imagination of a new generation in both America and Europe. Part of what makes it so aesthetically pleasing is its lack of clutter.

You can see examples of Scandinavian design at Traditions Furniture in Overland Park and Traditions Home in Wichita.

Trivia Quiz:

1. Stressless recliners are made in which Scandinavian country?

2. In what year did the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden take place?

3. In which country is the Nobel Prize awarded?

4. Which country produces the most oil?

5. In which country was skiing invented?


The same country is the answer to every question, and President Theodore Roosevelt was President when Norway and Sweden split the sheets.

sykkylven fjord


sykkylven fjord, norway
[Sykkylven fjord in sunny Møre og Romsdal county, leads to Ikornnes where Stressless recliners are designed and made.]

The fjord is not a tube of blue
So, don’t forget the gray and black
To paint the rocks along the shore
And here and there a dab of white

On the mountaintops to represent the snow
And in the distance
Gentle strokes of green mixed with brown
Where we keep our farm

Now, tilt your head right and left
Like all good artists do and

Take a sip of wine
Wait, my dear, don’t put down your brush

Please paint a patch of yellow for a house
A bit of red for the roof
A chimney made of brick
With smoke that curls to the sky

A home for you and me to watch
The coming of the tide


Getting around in Ålesund, Norway

Sultry Seattle soul singer Oleta Adams was visiting Oslo, Norway a while back.

Not sure how far north she got, there are hills and mountains between Oslo and the far north where the fjords stick out into the icy North Sea like so many fingers pointing west. Which got me thinking about one of her biggest hits, Get Here, written by Brenda Russell in 1988, which Oleta first heard in Oslo, the very same year.

Thinking, like I said, that the song resonates the very same way today that it did back then, and always will, when something separates us from the one we love.

The lyrics start out like this:

You can reach me by railway
You can reach me by trail-way
You can reach me on an airplane

I don’t care how you get here, just get here if you can

In Ålesund, Norway you can only get there by an airplane, or a sailboat on a clear day. And they have a saying for rainy days – Alt vejr passerer, meaning all weather is passing.

alesund (2)

[Ålesund, population of 47,199, a port town built on seven islands, high on Norway’s west coast, in spectacular Møre og Romsdal County, at the entrance to the Geirangerfjord, on the way to Ikornnes, home to Stressless recliners.]

Directions in a foreign country can be confusing. The letters are different, the speech incomprehensible, the weather sometimes impossible.

Gudskelov (Thank God) the Norwegians speak English and good music is a universal language.