Oh, the place you’ll go in a Stressless chair

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Oh, the places you’ll go in a Stressless chair
You’ll see great sights
Like Timbuktu and the Taj Mahal
You’ll soar to heights
Like an eagle in flight
Go by day, go by night
It matters not
In a Stressless chair

Oh the places you’ll see
Like the Eiffel Tower in Grand Pareé
Might I suggest
A glass of wine
A Chablis or Merlot
From a grape that grows on a sunny hill
On the hills of Bordeaux
You know…
The wine they drink
In small cafes
On the Rue de Rennes in Montparnasse
You know the place
Where we first met
Years ago

Recline and relax
You’ll know what I mean
When you sit and you breathe
The air above Madagascar
You’ll know how it feels
On a safari on the Kalahari
Listen you’ll hear
A lion roar or an elephant trumpet
Stranger still is the hyena cry
And the baboon that laughs
By the light of the silvery moon

Now, close your eyes
You’ll see I’m right
It is not so far
As the grocery store
On the very next block

And to think
The simplest thing
Is the strangest thing
You’ll do it right here
In a Stressless chair


San Miguel

Just before the sun went down,
When the sun burned brightest,
I was drinking my favorite Spanish wine
Composing a whimsical line or two,
Dreaming of a change of scene,
Of a hill in Spain called San Miguel
Where couples gather in sadness and sorrow
To say goodbye to another day,
And hope for a better tomorrow

Stressless aha moment #74


Where to go

Visit the Alhamabra for sure, but just before the sun goes down, head to Granada’s northeastern hills, and visit the tiny Ermita de San Miguel Alto (Hermitage of San Miguel), known for its sweeping views of city, the winding streets of the Albaicín neighborhood, the ancient Alhambra fortress, and beyond to the distant and often-snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains.

In Kansas, for Stressless recliners, visit Traditions Furniture in Overland Park, and Traditions Home in Wichita.


Arriba, abajo, al centro y adentro! 

Glasses up, glasses down, to the front and bottoms up!


Falling in love again

The year is winding down, the morning air is cool and crisp, the coffee warm against my hands, the leaves, golden, brown and red, are falling again; funny how thoughts waft into your head – Marlene Dietrich’s Falling in Love Again, Yves Montand’s Falling Leaves, Frank Sinatra, It Was A Very Good Year, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Memories, Kurt Weill and Max Anderson’s September Song, and on and on…

Falling in love again with Stressless


Labor Day 2019


Labor Day, the name is not a good fit.

We don’t celebrate work, quite the opposite. We celebrate taking a break, a last chance to enjoy summer, a day at the beach, a trip to the mountains, or nothing at all. All year we work hard, I get it. Last chance for a little down time. It is good for the soul.

Take it easy, shouldn’t life be Stressless?

My last summer trip is to Wyoming, to Red Rock and Rawlins, hangouts for Butch Cassidy and his gang, to Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, then to Devil’s Tower.

Ten days into my trip, just outside rustic and rugged Hulett, Wyoming, south on Highway 24.


At the top of the crest I caught sight of Devil’s Tower, in the distance, rising out of the earth like a finger pointing to heaven. Little wonder that Steven Spielberg used the setting as a scene in a movie for an alien apparition. It is a view that has been shared by countless others, seen at other times by other travelers on foot, by horse, and in wagons, by those that came to settle this land, by the Indians who lived here for millennia.

The reaction: Awe, not fear. How majestic is Nature, how uniquely beautiful. I must go up, I think I can, that’s who I am. At least to the base to watch the rock climbers do their thing.



the world is mine oyster


At the end of the day
Sit down and relax
Take the load off your back
It’s been a long day of work
You deserve a break
Even if you are a poor
As a sheep newly shorn
Close your eyes
Let your spirit soar
Why, the world is your oyster
Which the mind will open
Says Will

Now what does that mean?
Does it have something to do with a pearl,
And the salty kiss of a girl
Or a good wife
Or, with the richness of life
Or, a shell,
That’s tough to crack,
That takes a knife and a steady hand
Oh, ’tis true, nothing’s easy
For a working man
But to sit down and relax
At the end of the day


Mind What Matters

Well gentle reader, did you know the grey hair and wrinkles quicken when you experience stress? Seriously now, gentle reader, if you’re tired or wired, mind what matters, watch the quick video, and take note of a simple way to stress less:

Get Stressless

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music credit – one with the ocean by markvard

Stressless is…


Words can’t describe the feeling of sitting in a Stressless recliner, so here goes…

Best not to sweat the stress, it can wear you down, even kill you. What is it? “The heartache and the thousand natural shocks that the flesh is heir to,” as Hamlet said. Stress is what makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress is what is beyond your control. Think serenity prayer. Think happy place.

What we can control is where we sit and what we think.

Get Stressless