It’s the journey, not the destination

Life indeed is about the journey, not the destination, as there are many more things to see along the way, than when we get there.

How about the cool, clear stream we must cross, the flower that grows beside the path, the sunlight on the grass, the summit far, far ahead, … my aching feet and back, the pebble in my shoe, that bright red blister on my heel, the bottled water I left behind, … the Stressless recliner I have at home, a frosty beer, all this and so much more… 🤔

A penny for your thoughts!

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Lake of the Ozarks

Ahhh, Stressless

A Stressless morning at the Lake of the Ozarks

Our friends have a home at the Lake of the Ozarks. In the early morning, before the sun rises high in the sky, before the speed boats take to the lake, when a gentle breeze stirs the leaves in the trees, when I think, for a while, I have the lake all to my own, the feeling is truly Stressless.

Stressless — calm, tranquil, peaceful and untroubled, serene and restful. She enjoyed a stressless hour of peace and quiet before everyone awoke. Stressless recliners, the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

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Blue Skies Gray Clouds

It has been raining here for so long that I have come to believe I am not in Kansas any more. (Dorothy knows what I am talking about.) Perhaps this is misty Portland or rainy Seattle, or cloudy Norway.

Then, I got to thinking. In Norway in summer, the days are longer, so when the sun does come out, isn’t it twice as nice? And rain brings rainbows to dazzle and delight.

Sykkylvenfjord, where Stressless was born

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Sayings from the Stressless chair

“The weather is always fair, viewed from a Stressless chair.”

Here are a few more Norwegian proverbs to brighten your day.

“The fair wind blows even if the sailor does not see it.”

“There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.”

“A good anvil does not fear the hammer.”

“Better to have one bird in the hand than ten on the roof.”


Emily sofa

Nothing more or less than Stressless

Emily sofa by Stressless, perfect indeed!

A mutual acquaintance introduced them, saying you will like him. Athletic, handsome but graying, not pretentious, a good listener is he. The conversation began some minutes before either one spoke, for both Jan and Kirsten looked all around the room, at its simplicity and its emptiness, and in both of their minds their attention kept returning to each other, until sitting side by side they seemed to be one.

The world did not exist outside of this room.

Kirsten spoke first:

“What a perfect night!”

Foolish she thought, regretting her start, but Jan agreed.

“Perfect indeed!”

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I wish it would stop raining

It has been raining here for weeks. At first a welcome rain, but now it is a bit too much and I want to escape.

Deep in the green forest, far from the madding crowds, where the sunlight pierces the trees, and all kinds of animals call, the water falls, graceful and serene.

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Kansas Weather

Okay, from where I am sitting, it is gray and rainy, the weather is cool, the skies are cloudy. It has been that way for a week here in Kansas and will likely remain so for another week.

For Kansas, this is other worldly, Irish maybe, Seattle like, certainly more akin to the rainy, foggy Northwest, maybe Scandinavian gloom, where summer hath too short a stay.

No Camelot, Kansas is known as hot, dry, windy, and droughty, a word we don’t hear too much today.

Ah, but the rain has colored the Flint Hills an emerald green, the prairie flowers of May are in bloom, the Indigo and phlox purple, the tiny thin Spiderwort blue, the Wild Prairie Rose pink, the Mallow, yellow, white, and pink, the Iris, appears yellow along the river banks, and purple in my yard.

Ah, but the loveliest flower of all is the Peony, dressed in pretty pink as if for a party.

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