It’s the journey, not the destination

Life indeed is about the journey, not the destination, as there are many more things to see along the way, than when we get there.

How about the cool, clear stream we must cross, the flower that grows beside the path, the sunlight on the grass, the summit far, far ahead, … my aching feet and back, the pebble in my shoe, that bright red blister on my heel, the bottled water I left behind, … the Stressless recliner I have at home, a frosty beer, all this and so much more… 🤔

A penny for your thoughts!

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Life Out on the Highway

Stressless on the Highway?

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Life out on the highway is not always stressless. Aging Baby Boomers who were Born to Be Wild, have changed their motorcycles for campers, strapped a couple of bikes to the back, and set out for America’s National Parks, only to find long lines and no campsites.

Then there is the gas tank worry. A full tank of gas for your RV can cost up $600.


As I say, life out on the highway is not always stressless. But it can be Stressless at Home.

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The Best of Times

We save time. We waste time. We rob and get robbed of time, we lose time, and we hope for more time. We even find time when a friend is in need. But the best time is time spent at home with family and friends laughing and talking about good times and bad.

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Time well spent

My wife came into the family room where I was musing and said,

“Honey this room is a mess. There are books on the floor, mirrors and pictures to be hung. There are pots everywhere and an antler or two. Why, I almost tripped on that basket looking for you. It’s a zoo, don’t you think?”

“Darling,” I quietly said, “Every object, every item, every picture on the wall is a memory of a trip we made when we were young, and in love. Come with me now, sit on the sofa, arm in arm. Let us call to the kitten, let her purr while we recall. Remember the foolish things that we did when we were young and in love, thinking, someday, we’ll have a house just like this.”

So she sat by my side and I gave her a kiss. Then we looked out the window at the new fallen snow and she said, “I wonder if the snow loves the trees and the fields that it kisses them so gently?”

“In a Wonderland [we’ll] lie, Dreaming as the days go by, Dreaming as the summers die: Ever drifting down the stream – Lingering in the golden gleam – Life, what is it but a dream?… And remember who [we] are!” Alice Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll

Re-opening Soon


In the winter everything that happens in and around Glacier National Park happens in Flathead Valley on the western edge of the three mountain ranges  – Lewis, Clark, and Livingston, that make up the Rocky Mountains within the park. The towns, the roads, the rivers, and the railroads all funnel down the broad valley that was cut eons of years ago by the Flathead River. And in the center of the valley is Flathead Lake, large enough to look like an ocean on a cloudy day, and calm and serene on a sunny day.

The mountains provide some protection from the winter storms, and so the people in the valley go about their lives. Still, sometimes in early September, the park, and the mountain ranges, and the roads, and the cabins, and even the valley below can get hammered with four feet of snow that catches everyone by surprise, though it shouldn’t.

By December, there is three times that amount in the mountains.But it is the summer that brings the locals and the tourists to the park. Long lines of cars snake along the single road entering the park and heading up into the pristine mountains that are covered in green trees, except when they are not. Then one sees the granite that forms the mountain ranges like spikes on a Stegosaurus, rough and scaly.
Despite the long lines, the interminable wait it is worth it. For the mountains are large enough to contain the tens of thousands of visitors who come. And one can find a spot away from the crowds where only Nature exists. That is why they come.

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Glacier National Park is closed due to the Corona-virus, but plans are to open it in stages as soon as it can be determined that it is safe to do so. In the meantime we bring you this glimpse of what you will see when you go.

1 mountain-blue-3




Why Worry

Worrying is carrying tomorrow’s load with today’s strength. It is carrying two days worth of worries and a carload of cares at once. It is moving into tomorrow and losing today. It is confusing as well as taxing. Worrying means you unnecessarily suffer twice. We can’t worry about what has passed. What is past is past. As for tomorrow, it has yet to come.

Live for the moment, it is all that you have got.

What’s past is funny

I freely confess that I have always been a fan of that Mad Magazine character Alfred E. Neuman, He who gave us the witty and sagacious motto, “What Me Worry.”

I didn’t know that the tousle headed Neuman who is conspicuously missing a front tooth appeared in the early 30s as an ad slick for painless dentistry and then as a campaign poster for President Roosevelt’s reelection. Neuman first appeared in issue #21 of the comic book series Mad on March 1955, and then in issue #24 in December 1956.

Get Stressless.

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Wundervu, Colorado

Summertime, oh, summertime, life’s so sweet.

Summer mornings with nothing to do, cooled by a gentle breeze and grass at my feet, grass so green, so thick, it tickles bare feet, to my ears comes the steady sound of crickets hidden away, on the fence the squirrels run with reckless abandon, above birds perched on branches high above serenading me daily with their song, and the blue lake that beckons me for a swim.

Where did you go this summer? one asks.

To the lake with my friends, to Dallas to see my daughter, to Colorado to see my son. To Norway and Denmark, for two weeks of fun.

What do remember best of all? they inquire.


Wondervu, Colorado, and Eldora Lodge, tucked away in Coal Creek Canyon, on Highway 72 past Whispering Pines, along the drive from Golden to Nederland, where few care to go. Then off the grid on Gross Reservoir Road to who knows where.

All so long ago, like yesterday, hard to remember, impossible to forget.

Mind What Matters

Well gentle reader, did you know the grey hair and wrinkles quicken when you experience stress? Seriously now, gentle reader, if you’re tired or wired, mind what matters, watch the quick video, and take note of a simple way to stress less:

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Stressless is…


Words can’t describe the feeling of sitting in a Stressless recliner, so here goes…

Best not to sweat the stress, it can wear you down, even kill you. What is it? “The heartache and the thousand natural shocks that the flesh is heir to,” as Hamlet said. Stress is what makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress is what is beyond your control. Think serenity prayer. Think happy place.

What we can control is where we sit and what we think.

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If life is a balancing act…

What a circus act we women perform every day of our lives. Look at us. We run a tightrope daily, balancing a pile of books on the head. Baby-carriage, parasol, kitchen chair, still under control. Steady now! This is not the life of simplicity but the life of multiplicity that the wise men warn us of.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift From the Sea.



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