Make it Easy

It has taken a long time for me to understand the lyrics to the Eagles hit song, Take it Easy. Time makes for a new way of looking at things. Perspective makes for insight; insight a new understanding.

Jackson Browne started writing this song but didn’t know how to finish it. “Writer’s block,” we used to call it. “Paralysis of analysis,” my Millennial daughter says.

At the time, Browne was living in an apartment in Los Angeles’ scruffy Echo Park neighborhood. Upstairs neighbor was Glenn Frey, who needed songs for his new band – the Eagles. The rest is history.

Of course, “take it easy” means many things to many people. “Make it easy” is much the same. We are in a digital age. With a multitude of social media sites available all of which is accessible through a single pocket device 24/7, the way we interact with each other has completely changed.

Communication is easy, it is just that there is so much of it.

It has become a new way of life.

ease-a-way-of life

Make it easy

The designers at Traditions Home in Wichita make it easy to customize a sectional or sofa for your loft apartment or home.With a multitude of styles available like Vanguard’s Ease Collection, we design with you in mind.

As for me, give me a place to listen to my old vinyl records, to the scratches and pops.

Vanguard Sectionals

[Our Remodel Sale starts Saturday, July 13th, in the meantime enjoy a quick tour of Vanguard sectionals]



Traditions Home, a fine retail home furnishing store in Wichita, features sectionals by Vanguard Furniture and other great American manufacturers like Century, Stickley, Hancock and Moore, Sherrill, Paul Roberts and others.



The sectional is versatile and functional great for today’s open floor where they are easily floated within the space enabling more seating for family and guests in a smaller space. Customizable for your space with hundreds of fabrics, dozens of nailheads and trim options.

Come together to enjoy life.

Traditions Home