Lake of the Ozarks

Ahhh, Stressless

A Stressless morning at the Lake of the Ozarks

Our friends have a home at the Lake of the Ozarks. In the early morning, before the sun rises high in the sky, before the speed boats take to the lake, when a gentle breeze stirs the leaves in the trees, when I think, for a while, I have the lake all to my own, the feeling is truly Stressless.

Stressless — calm, tranquil, peaceful and untroubled, serene and restful. She enjoyed a stressless hour of peace and quiet before everyone awoke. Stressless recliners, the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

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Hanging on, Hanging in

There is a world of difference between hanging on and hanging in. Hanging on means to wait for a short while, as things are going to changed. Hanging in there means keep trying to do something and not to give up even though it might be difficult. Hang in there as you never know what is achievable.

A tree clinging to a rock in a storm may be hanging on for dear life. In the early morning fog it is hanging on, uncertain of what the day will bring, knowing that life is often precarious.

Take joy in the moment. Above all, stay Stressless. Be kind and Save on Stressless.