Two Days til Christmas

It’s two days til Christmas
And all through the house
It’s peaceful
It’s Stressless

For the presents are wrapped
And under the tree
Thank goodness
The shopping is done!

And me, I’m fine where I’m at
Merrily sipping a glass of wine
Or two,
Thinking, what should I do?

Rid of my worries,
Gone are my cares
Now to rest and relax, even recline
Comfortably Stressless

To sleep, to dream
Of the Nutcracker Prince
Of the Towering Mouse
Of Clara, the Princess

In a Wonderland of Snow
Where toys come to life
Where a jester makes funny faces
Where a ballerina in pink twirls and dances

But then to my horror,
The floor shakes, it rattles as the room fills with mice
And the Nutcracker awakens donning a uniform of red and gold
But where is his sword, where is his armor?
To battle the mice whose teeth are like daggers
Whose claws are like swords

The Nutcracker is defenseless
He’s cornered
His back to the wall
He pleads for my help
And, I to the rescue
Smack the Mouse on his head with my slipper

Then to the Land of Sweets we go
To dance with the Sugar Plum Fairy
All through the night

Merry Christmas,
And to all a Good Night

Christmas time


Merry Christmas!

Christmas time is that special time when families gather near.

Christmas time is that pleasant time with thoughts of Christmas past – of mince pies, plum-puddings, of candies and Christmas trees and child-laughter, and pretty little rosy mouths, sweetened by sugarplums, puckering into Christmas kisses underneath the mistletoe, in cozy cottages covered in piles of snow.