Thinking in Pictures

Walking the Dog

At the park I met a fellow dog walker and we struck up a conversation, naturally, about dogs. Mine is a mutt, but Blue Healer if one has to choose because of the one blue eye, the gray coat and the herding instinct she displays when she runs. My fellow dog walker mentioned Temple Grandin, animal activist, behaviorist, empathist, writer, thinker, autism spokesperson. She from Colorado State University, the subject of the movie Thinking in Pictures.

None of which I was familiar with then, but now, thankfully, I am.

And if you don’t know what an “empathist” is then “you should care” to find out.

Thinking in Pictures

You are wondering, I suppose, what has this to do with Traditions Home. I could describe Gat Creek Furniture as made in Berkley Springs, West Virginia, made of native American wood, locally sourced, solid ash, cherry, maple, and walnut in a variety of hand-rubbed finishes. Made by American craftsmen and women, using time-honored techniques.

Or, I could just show you in pictures as I did above.



Wundervu, Colorado

Summertime, oh, summertime, life’s so sweet.

Summer mornings with nothing to do, cooled by a gentle breeze and grass at my feet, grass so green, so thick, it tickles bare feet, to my ears comes the steady sound of crickets hidden away, on the fence the squirrels run with reckless abandon, above birds perched on branches high above serenading me daily with their song, and the blue lake that beckons me for a swim.

Where did you go this summer? one asks.

To the lake with my friends, to Dallas to see my daughter, to Colorado to see my son. To Norway and Denmark, for two weeks of fun.

What do remember best of all? they inquire.


Wondervu, Colorado, and Eldora Lodge, tucked away in Coal Creek Canyon, on Highway 72 past Whispering Pines, along the drive from Golden to Nederland, where few care to go. Then off the grid on Gross Reservoir Road to who knows where.

All so long ago, like yesterday, hard to remember, impossible to forget.