English Arm Sofa

Bacon butties at a butty bar, a ride in a black cab or on a red bus to Buckingham Palace, a James Bond movie, bobbies on bicycles, watching Downton Abbey with the Duchess of Cambridge on the BBC, reading Bill Shakespeare, shopping with a good brolly on a rainy day, bangers and mash and a pint of bitters – things we love about Britain.

But, how about the classic English rolled arm sofa? It’s bleedin’ comfortable.

The causal look of the English arm sofa is perfect for any occasion, whether it is biscuits and crumpets with tea or letting loose with your favorite rock band, Beatles or Stones. The English arm is classic – a gentle roll that cups the elbow, allowing highbrow and lowbrow to sit comfortably.

Done all in white, why not? White is not judgmental. It goes with anything, especially an outing at Wimbledon in July.

English arm sofa
English arm sofa