to love and be loved

love and be loved
love and be loved

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I love watching the birds in flight at first light. I love my first cup of coffee, adding a little cream and watching it swirl. I love a funny movie or a good book. I love a comfortable chair and a good laugh with friends. I love life.

i love mornings
i love mornings

We can love objects but there is something special in loving another human being.

To love and be loved is the greatest gift of life. To go through life with a shared purpose. And at the end of the day give a smile, a kiss, and say, “Goodnight love, sleep sweetly until the morning comes.”

If you love someone you will both laugh and cry. If you love someone, you say it out loud with meaning; and more important, you show it and let the world know. Otherwise the moment is lost.

Popular on everyone’s reading list is the New York Times article, Quiz: The 36 Questions That Lead to Love in which Mandy Len Catron writes, “To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This,…”

Find someone special and take the test. You have got nothing to lose and love to win.

Love boils down to this. Caring for someone else more than yourself. Communicating how special that someone else is, and being supportive. Everyone has dark days; everyone needs a little sunshine to make those days better.

Be somebody’s sunshine.