Cedar shake shingle two story cottage in Cannon Beach

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea

Had I never wandered, I never would have gone, and sadly I never would have known. Like Marco and his walk down Mulberry Street, there is a lot more out there than meets the eye, there is a lot more to know than what they tell you in the published guide. And if you don’t know Marco, you’ve never really lived (hint, Dr. Seuss).

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea, she sits on the porch of her Cedar shake shingle house, say it fast, say it again, and again, and laugh and laugh as you watch the wind and the waves pound the shore by the sea.

Cedar shake shingle two story cottage in Cannon Beach
Cedar shake shingle two story cottage with two porches in Cannon Beach, Oregon

Just a word before I go

Just a word before I go.

Oregon coastline

The last time I went to the Oregon coast, my daughter was three. We had come from Kansas. So, you can imagine that this experience was otherworldly for her. The Star-ship Enterprise visits a new planet, with an unknown geography inhabited by strange exotic creatures.

I reminded my curious daughter of the curly brown hair that bounced in the wind like a ball on the beach as she ran along side the waves, toes in the water, that she fell in the surf at Cannon Beach. The look of surprise and shock on her face was priceless.

The experience taught her a lesson. Life can knock you off your feet, but you get back up and carry on, maybe, a little wiser.

She reminded me that she picked up a starfish in the surf. I hadn’t thought about this since then, some 20 plus years ago, but it was a vivid moment, that instantly came to mind for the two of us.

This proving that memories can be shared, can be real, and lasting.



Twenty plus years ago, Crosby, Nash and Young were still playing their tunes, even then a nostalgic vision of better times. For many of us, these records would come to rest in a closet in a cardboard box, pulled out now and then, and replayed for old time sake. Unlike the Beach Boys, we couldn’t give these records up. Nostalgia, that sentimental longing and affection for the past, for another period and place, for something we once knew, for happier times we once lived.

Just a Song Before I Go was written by Graham Nash in 1977, years before my daughter was born. It is one of those indelible tunes that comes back, rising to consciousness every time I head out on the road to somewhere new, somewhere old, somewhere back in time.

My question, gentle reader, is what will I find? What should I look for? Where shall my thirty-something daughter and I go on our trip to the Oregon coast?

Newport, Cannon Beach, Yachats, Dunes, Manzanitas, there is a lifetime in the Oregon coast and we have just five days. “Questions of a thousand dreams, what to do and what to see.”

“Don’t let the past remind us of what we are not now.”

One hopes to make today better and to remember.