Not so far to Never-never Land

I suppose we all have a Never-never Land, a paradise where the sun always shines and the wind is right, and one’s cares and worries are far, far away.

For me paradise is the Oregon coast, Ecola State Park near Cannnon Beach. It is summer, for winter can be cold and gray. A walk along the ocean, the morning fog has lifted and the wind is gently pushing the waves ashore. Smell the salt in the air. Watch the seagulls floating on the wind and terns searching for crabs in the sand.

It is not far to Never-never Land. It is no fantasy. Close your eyes and feel the tranquility.

A truly Stressless moment.

Oh, the place you’ll go in a Stressless chair

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Oh, the places you’ll go in a Stressless chair
You’ll see great sights
Like Timbuktu and the Taj Mahal
You’ll soar to heights
Like an eagle in flight
Go by day, go by night
It matters not
In a Stressless chair

Oh the places you’ll see
Like the Eiffel Tower in Grand Pareé
Might I suggest
A glass of wine
A Chablis or Merlot
From a grape that grows on a sunny hill
On the hills of Bordeaux
You know…
The wine they drink
In small cafes
On the Rue de Rennes in Montparnasse
You know the place
Where we first met
Years ago

Recline and relax
You’ll know what I mean
When you sit and you breathe
The air above Madagascar
You’ll know how it feels
On a safari on the Kalahari
Listen you’ll hear
A lion roar or an elephant trumpet
Stranger still is the hyena cry
And the baboon that laughs
By the light of the silvery moon

Now, close your eyes
You’ll see I’m right
It is not so far
As the grocery store
On the very next block

And to think
The simplest thing
Is the strangest thing
You’ll do it right here
In a Stressless chair