Sailing off the coast of Maine


Sailing Maine

A misty morning breeze, a simple wish, let the wind take me where it pleases. A distant drifting shore where bloom the daised banks, above a sky of blue, air that smells of salt and brine, the wind against my face… Somewhere off the coast of Maine, this tiny sailing boat is all I need, it’s paradise enough.

The month of July

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So we beat on

img_4638 So we beat on, boats against the current, ceaselessly into the past,  so says Nick Carraway recalling Jay Gatsby’s faith in a future that will bring him his dream, Daisy Buchanan and everything she stands for.  We are all Gatsby’s muse, longing for a far away ship that will carry us to our promised land.

The land is not enough, it represents the past or the present. The future is the ship on the vast ocean blue that represents our hopes and dreams.


Sitting on the porch at day’s end viewing the sun glinting off the ocean, my wife said, This is what vacations in Maine are for, and I replied, completing her thought, absolutely nothing, to sit and Think of things that matter not and mean everything.