Ski like a Pro


Every good skier knows that to ski like a Pro one has to relax. Ah, but how to relax? The suggestions are as mixed as how to stop a hiccup. Some work some don’t, but don’t focus too much on the rules. Everybody falls down in life, so get back up and try again.

My favorite rules of skiing

1. Relax your jaw – actually let it go slack even if you feel you’re looking a bit stupid. Then, focus on the shoulders and then right on down the spine.

2. Also – and this is very very important – don’t forget to BREATHE! The oxygen is rare enough up there.

3. Have fun, because fun is more fun than work and easier too.

4. Take breaks. The lift lines will wait for you.

5. Olympic records are hard to break and take practice. Be happy if you finish upright.

6. Take lessons, Jean-Claude Killy did, so too did Bode Miller, and Picaboo Street, and Lindsey Vonn. Then practice until you are perfect, or close to it.

7. At the end of the day, Get Stressless.


Let it Snow

gondola run chandler 4 corners throw pillow

The conditions report at Killington Mountain in Vermont today reads:

“5:08 pm 11/16/17–Weather conditions were a little wet today, but it wasn’t all bad – we did notch another inch of snow for the season total. With warm air lingering all day, the snow-makers enjoyed a few hours of downtime before returning to work again tonight.”

There are two lifts and 3 miles of skiing.

Back at the lodge, it is a hot toddy and fire to warm the cold wet toes. Even those who aren’t skiing yet are reminded of what lies ahead.

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