tiki with 5 chairs, vintage art, red horse signs

Summer is Past

Labor Day is past, the rain is falling today, all day, and the cat has decided to stay inside and sulk. Summer is officially over. It is time to get out the scrap book, update the photographs, and take stock of the experiences and memories we enjoyed this summer.

Summer is past, or is it?


Was it real? I ask.

Can I hope to hold on to that perfect moment in a world that never stops? Can I save it with a photograph or a work of art?

Is memory more real than reality?

To Plato’s statement by way of Socrates that Art can never truly represent Reality, I say:


Our world, as we experience it, is many things. Uncertain in what he sees, Socrates calls these “a collection of mere appearances like reflections in a mirror and shadows on a wall,” but our experience, and our reality, is more than that, it is not mere sight, but the sense of the thing, the sum of all our experiences, the laughter, the tears, the trips and vacations spots with family and friends, the diaries, and postcards, and pictures, and yes, art.

Life is the sum total of our memories

Consider, there are countless chairs in the world. There is the cradle that keeps the infant safe, the rocking chair for the child at play, and the royal throne for the king, who uneasy wears his crown.

But the perfect chair is the one we were sitting in when a special moment took place.

tiki with 5 chairs, vintage art, red horse signs
Tiki with 5 chairs, vintage art, red horse signs

Get your perfect chair at Robyns Lake House down by the Tiki Hut

Tiki Hut

What do philosophers know of life? Plato’s Republic in PDF format


A chair is still a chair

As I work most days, a chair is the place I spend most of my time thinking up silly stories. It is the place for me where thought becomes reality.

Amato desk chair by Hancock & Moore


Since Socrates first wrestled with the question of what is a chair, philosophers have talked and nothing changes. On the other hand, designers and manufacturers have been struggling to improve the chair.

A chair is still a chair if you are not sitting there, but it doesn’t feel or look the same.

Gilbert chair, Hancock & Moore

Look at it this way.
One could say that all chairs rest upon the ground, but then the tire swing and the porch swing would be out the door. In summer, what child would not choose a tire swing over a creek over the grandest throne? And an old man likes his rocking chair. After a climb to the top of a mountain, a rock will do if you are tired enough. The ground is just the ground and not a chair. A chair is not something to simply be look at and admired. A blind man knows a good chair by its feel and its comfort. A bed is not a chair, but a tired man can recline and fall asleep in his favorite chair, feet propped up, back down, stretched out, without a thought or worry in the world.

Crosby swivel-glider

To come, to sit, to stay and relax and ponder the weighty questions of Socrates. That is the function and reality of a chair.

To understand a chair one must sit there. It is the place where reality and perception come together.

Wing by Hancock & Moore

Let me say, I love the beauty of a chair for its own sake. Then too I love the suppleness of leather, the richness and texture of fabric. Is a chair high or low, wide or narrow, big or small? These questions depend upon space and place. A three legged stool might stand for a pup tent on a camp out, but a fine home deserves more.
Try on any of these Hancock & Moore chairs out for size and comfort. See an interior designer at Traditions in Overland Park and Wichita and discover the beautiful reality of a Hancock & Moore chair.

Then ask yourself, if a chair is still a chair if you are not sitting there.