Make it Easy


There is a constant debate with couch potatoes questioning whether it is easy to do a hand spin, make a hole in one, put a basketball through the hoop from half court. Some people make things look easy. But they do it with years of practice.

Take it easy, make it easy, get Stressless.

Relaxing the Stressless way is always easy. Stressless’ patented technology provides proper head and lumbar support first time, every time, naturally.

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Make it Easy

Easy Peasy

I have always been impressed with athletes who make the most difficult moves look easy. It is an art learned after years of practice and trial and error. Once learned never forgotten.

Stressless sofas and recliners have perfected the art of comfort. Once experienced never forgotten. One of the patented Stressless features is Balance Adapt. Balance Adapt is unique because it gives you a sense of buoyancy while you are reclining and almost feels as if you are spinning and floating in air. Since it responds to your body, if you don’t want to rock you don’t have to and the recliner or sofa will hold you stable.

Get Stressless

Relax and Win

Since I have your attention for the moment let me recommend Bud Winter’s book Relax and Win, an oldie but goodie first published in 1981.  The book relies on the US Navy’s classified WWII program to train fighter pilots to relax and to be more efficient.

Bud Winter reveals his secrets that helped his track stars at San Jose State College sprint through the intensity and pressure of high-level Olympic competition making it easy to break 37 world records. Bud applies these methods to life and tells you how to turn your most stressful situations into moments of peak performance.

You too can experience peak performance of comfort in a Stressless sofa or recliner. Just relax and experience the ultimate in comfort.


How to find happiness without really trying

How to find happiness

Happiness is a state of mind, it is said, but those are empty words, for happiness is not something we think of, but something we experience, like the smile of a newborn child, the gift of a single rose on Valentine’s Day, a kind word when the day is long.

Don’t overthink it

Happiness is just one seat away.


Searching for the perfect Stressless chair takes time…, down time, to be exact.
Sit down in this chair or that, try another, check out the size, small, medium, or large, choose the classic base with its oval wooden shape or the signature base with its gleaming chrome and wood accents. Do you like the plush padding of the Mayfair recliner or the sleek modern look of the Nordic recliner?

Sit, recline, relax in a Stressless recliner

Sit, recline, relax, while you experience the ultimate in comfort. It takes time., but while you are searching, you are experiencing the patented features of the glide system that automatically adjusts the inner workings to give you the right angle to support your lumbar and neck regions.

To be honest, Stressless has done all the work for you. Stressless is the number one recliner for comfort. Designed and made in Norway to exacting standards, Stressless is made with a commitment to bringing you the very best in comfort.
And when you have completed your search for the perfect chair, what will you have found?

I can’t define it, but I know it when I feel it

Happiness, a state of well-being and contentment, joy, peace of mind, a pleasurable experience, words that are can not describe the feeling you experience when you sit in a Stressless recliner.
I am still searching for happiness, but that is the point. The journey, not the destination, the rewarding feeling of sitting in a Stressless recliner and relaxing takes time.

Stressless chair in Norway
Start your search for happiness here

Las Vegas Traditions

The top tradition in Las Vegas has to be getting married. The best day to marry in English tradition is Wednesday, although Monday is for wealth and Tuesday for health, Thursday or Friday if you only have the weekend to honeymoon.

Any day is a good day in Vegas unless you are losing.

Closely following the tradition of getting married is getting divorced. Hey, brides, maybe you forgot to tuck a sugar cube into your glove, a Greek tradition which will sweeten your years together.


Stressless in Las Vegas


After that it is walking the Vegas Strip at any time of day. Whether it is the fountains at Bellagio and the Mirage volcano, Wynn billboard (the Wynn has a fountain show too, nicely choreographed to the music and billboard), or watch the crazy mass of people that floods the street.

It is always Showtime. Catch a street performer at night, or early in the morning, observe the other side of Vegas when joggers and the homeless share the sidewalks. Something Hunter S. Thompson must have often done.

And if you have some loose change in your pockets, the doors to the casinos are always open. Vegas is a city that never sleeps. And, if you can’t sleep, then relax in a Stressless recliner.

Next to that, pool side at the Venetian.




Work at Home

It is not work if you like what you do.

Want some synonyms for work – labor, toil, slog, drudgery, exertion, effort, and industry, none of which sound like much fun. Noël Coward said, “Work is more fun than fun,” which makes sense if you are at home because there you can wear your pajamas, wiggle your toes, scratch your back, and drink all the coffee you want and not worry about rushing off to the bathroom.

Some people have the luxury of working at home.

While some lingering critics insist that working from home leads to isolation, goofing off and stunted social relationships, most employers recognize it has its advantages. After all, you are relaxed. This makes for a creative atmosphere. Then too, you are in your comfort zone, you are on top of the world and in charge. What better place to make things happen, than from your home.



What you need to do is to work hard and work smart. Let’s get to it.

First, create a work area. One that is far from the madding crowds, and away from the annoyances of family. God bless them. Lock the doors and hide. You are at your computer and phone calls, emails, text messages, instant messages, and face chats are all at your fingertips. You control access to your inner sanctum.

Don’t be hard on yourself. It is nice to have set hours, say rise at six and work til noon. But, give yourself a break. Creativity comes in spurts. A great thought comes and you are off to the races, then some days you are lost in the desert. I am not saying here that one should jump up and down from the desk like a Pogo stick. A little patience goes a long way to developing ideas. So try and work for a set number of hours. The body likes routine and gets used to a schedule.

Organize. Some people like to organize their daily activities. Know what they are going to do. Know when they are going to do it, but I find spontaneity is the spice of life. I am going to write the Great American Novel today, but sometimes a short story will do as well. Be like Stephen King when approaching a task, get an idea, like a crazy dog, call it Cujo, and see where it takes you.

That’s it. Everything else is in the details. Shower, shave, dress, carry your lucky rabbits foot with you. It doesn’t really matter because the type of personality you are will dictate how you work best and how you work smart.

Do reward yourself. Go out and buy yourself a Stressless office chair, it is a luxury you deserve.



Find a place of peace and tranquility in a Stressless recliner

With all the different schools of thought and techniques on meditation, getting started can be overwhelming. Here’s how we start.

Find a place of peace and tranquility. It doesn’t have to be real or near.

Choose a place in your mind. Perhaps your choice is the French Cloister in the Versailles Gardens on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. It is a short walk down the sandy beach away from madding crowds at Atlantis Resort.

 Versailles Gardens and French Cloister

Versailles Gardens and French Cloister

Now relax in the luxurious comfort of a Stressless recliner.

Recline your back and stretch your arms, let the patented Glide System adjust to your body’s movement. Place your hands on the armrests.

Take a deep breath and focus on your breathing. Breathe in through your nose and feel your chest expand. Now breathe out through your mouth and feel your stomach extend. Repeat several times.

Experience the comfort of the chair while you listen to the sounds of the natural world.

Relaxation and Meditation
Relaxation and Meditation

The wind blows gentle through the dappled leaves of the trees. In the background are the rhythmic sound of the ocean waves. As you contemplate the stillness of your soul, observe the colors of the universe. The sky is a brilliant blue against which the crisp white and subtle greys of the clouds pass by, occasionally shading the yellow sun. The green in the grass, the soft reds and blues of the flowers. Now smell the salt in the air rising from the murmuring waves on the sandy beach.

Even the verdant grass in your secret garden has its smell – rich and verdant, the smell of the earth after a morning shower. The flowers possess their own peculiar scent, a perfume that wafts on the air and enters your nose. Continue to gently breathe in. Even the tiny flutter of an insect’s wings can be heard as it approaches the flower.

Be at peace in a Stressless recliner.

Jazz recliner by Stressless
Jazz recliner by Stressless