I Want to Be Alone

Social Distancing, Time Out, Happy Place, Dreamland, Paradise, by any name it’s Stressless, featuring the new PowerLift version.

At the age of 36, having made 27 movies in 19 years, Swedish movie star, Greta Garbo, decided to retire from the movies, leaving with us with the quixotic saying, “I want to be alone.” It is a phrase Stressless owners understand well.

Plus, there is more…

Until March 8, get a free leather upgrade on Stressless seating. Go from one grade of leather to a superior grade at no additional cost.

Or take $300 off the extremely comfortable Stressless Sunrise recliner in all Paloma leather colors. Choices include a Classic base, a Signature base, Power™ recliner and office chairs. The Stressless Sunrise Power recliner has the motorized PlusTM -system allowing you to adjust the footrest and backrest for ultimate ease and comfort with the touch of a button.

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Stressless Sunrise Recliner


Sunrise Recliner

As welcoming as the morning sun, Stresslsess Sunrise is both refreshing and relaxing.  With softly rounded contours, the Sunrise offers warming comfort for any room of the house. 


Having a full 360° swivel feature coupled and patented Glide system, the Sunrise responds to the motion of your body to provide exquisite comfort.

To ensure that your Sunrise is a perfect, it is available in small, medium, and large sizes in leathers and fabric in the colors of the rainbow.  Experience the Stressless Sunrise recliner at Traditions Furniture.