The tango is a traditional dance

The tango is a traditional dance that originated in the working-class barrios of Buenos Aires.


como uno de dos


Martha Graham, the dean of modern dance, called dance the “hidden language of the soul” but she was wrong.

For dance is not hidden, it the expression of the sublime through human movement. It is conversation without words. It is a means to communicate ideas, feelings, and experience through the senses, visual and tactile.


gozo inefable



Before there were words there was dance, the indefinable expression of joy or sadness. There was the dance of the eyes of a child beholding the mother and the eyes of the mother beholding the child. There was the dance of the lips in a smile as the sun rises each morning. There was the tap, tap, tap of the fingers on the table and the feet on the floor in impatience as one waits hopefully for one’s love to come through the door.


querido amor

Dance is a truly universal language, one shared by all.




Like the dew on the leaf of a tree in the morning, there for an instant and no more.