Blue and White


Blue and White, by design

Blue and white. After it rains, there is nothing fresher and cleaner than the combination of blue skies and white clouds.

It is a beloved combination for interior designers, and it has a rich historical lore. Think Chinese porcelain, Delftware from Holland, French toile. Picture the Greek flag, and for that matter, gleaming white houses on a Greek island against the blue sea and sky. Think of exotic lapis lazuli from faraway Afghanistan. Think of the Polynesian blue ocean and the pearls from the sea. Smile as you imagine a baby beluga in the deep blue sea. Think of the brilliant white of the new fallen snow.

Blue is calm and soothing; white is clean and simple. Put together, you experience a serene, tranquil space.

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White – Tabla Rasa

White represents both purity and innocence. It is the color of new fallen snow, the color a bride chooses to start a new life. It is the color of the artist’s canvas before he or she begins to paint. White is the blank sheet of paper the writer stares at, before typing the great American novel.

White creates a minimalist aesthetic. It can be very simple, clean and modern, the most neutral color of all. A color where anything goes.

If one wants to get philosophical about white, then think of it as a tabla rasa (Latin: a “clean slate”). In the theory of knowledge and psychology, a condition that empiricists attribute to the human mind before society gets its impressionable hands on us.

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No white after Labor Day?


Should we blame Daisy Buchanan, that paragon of perfection, and those Long Island snobs for the rule, no white after Labor Day?

Perhaps, but who cares nowadays. White is always in fashion.

After all, white never clashes, it is more minimal, It is bright, which makes it right any time of the year. I am thinking a snowy white Christmas, aren’t you?

Now, add a splash of color as the seasons change and you are there.

The manners bible, Emily Post’s Etiquette, 17th Edition, 2004 gave the go-ahead for white after Labor Day, but we didn’t really need to wait for permission to do what is right, did we?

White comes in hundreds of shades and textures, making it versatile in design.