Sherrill white sofa and chair

White is Cool

Sherrill white sofa and chair
white is cool in interior design

Designers choose white

Interior designers choose white for many reasons.

In hot environments, white is cool and refreshing. In cool climates it is clean and pristine. Artists choose white as an excellent backdrop for displaying artwork. Modernists love it because it focuses the viewers attention on the space and the architecture. Traditionalists love it because, like brides, it symbolizes a new beginning, a fresh start.

White reflects all light, so it makes spaces appear larger, the room brighter, the conversation livelier.

White goes well with all colors. This is true because, as Sir Isaac Newton demonstrated, white is a collection of all the colors of the rainbow. Now if you wanting a little color in your life, add a red pillow, a green plant, a blue dish, tan for an earthy feel, gold for beauty’s sake, or anything to create contrast. Black thrown into a white room will create a dazzling effect, and gray a somber reflection on the vicissitude of life.

Have fun designing with white.

The Story of Sherrill

The Sherrill Story

Each Sherrill sofa is hand crafted in North Carolina, using 8-way hand-tied springs, with customizable fabrics, trim, and wood finishes; a combination of timeless traditional design and exciting contemporary touches to create one-of-a kind upholstery that you’ll treasure for years to come.

sofa 2361 sherrill
Yellow and grey to soothe the way to better day

From Hickory, North Carolina comes Sherrill Furniture, with one mission in mind – to be recognized by discriminating customers as the leader in beautiful home furnishings through its excellence in quality, fashion, innovation, and service. This is achieved by a workforce of skilled craftsmen who combine time honored manufacturing and the highest quality materials, making each piece of furniture to your custom specifications.

2262 sherrill sofa
Get the green light to design your kind of sofa

Sherrill Furniture is synonymous with beautiful hand-crafted furniture. Every
sofa, chair, chaise and ottoman is lovingly made in Hickory, North Carolina, USA.

sherrill sofa 1946
A statement in white

Create your own custom sofa, chair, and ottoman by selecting your: 1) depth of 38 or 41 inches; 2) frame style from over 30 choices; 3) arm from 12 options; 4) back from 6 options; and 5) base from 9 options. All this before you consider selecting from Sherrill’s hundreds of fabrics and trims.

Oh my!This might sound frightening.

But don’t be scared, because our experienced interior designers make the process simple and right.